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Achievements till date

The achievements of the Institute are mainly in respect of development of FHs/FLCs, identifying new FH/FLC sites under Master Plan development, creation of coastal aquaculture farms and hatcheries, periodical monitoring of projects under construction besides scrutiny of project proposals which are summarised below.
Development of FH/FLC projects
The core expertise and experience of the Institute lies in the subject matter of developing FHs/FLCs for which the organization was set up under the aegis of FAO-UN/SIDA technical assistance. The Institute till the end of December 2021 had carried out engineering and economic investigations for the development of FHs/FLCs at 104 sites and prepared TEFRs for 123 sites, besides rendering technical assistance to maritime States in the scrutiny and finalization of TEFRs. On the basis of TEFRs prepared and submitted by the Institute, the MOFAH&D, Govt.of India sanctions the FHs in the country. Further, the Institute periodically monitors the progress of construction of FH projects in association with the MOFAH&D, Government of India.