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The Institute is capable of undertaking the following engineering and economic investigations required for the preparation of TEFRs.

Engineering Investigations

Identification of suitable sites for development of FHs/FLCs, coastal aquaculture farms and hatcheries;

  1. Detailed topographic and hydrographic surveys;
  2. Short term tidal observations for computing tide levels;
  3. Measurement of tidal currents and tidal prism;
  4. Subsoil investigations both on land and in coastal waters with collection of disturbed/undisturbed soil samples at different depths including field tests.

Economc Investigations

Collection of background information regarding the existing status of marine fishery industry and coastal aquaculture farms/hatcheries, assessing operational economics of the fishing vessels and coastal aquaculture farms/hatcheries, studying the existing pattern of marketing and disposal of fish landings, assessing the cost of production, distribution, marketing etc., collecting investment particulars for fishing vessels and coastal aquaculture farms/hatcheries and other information such as availability of institutional finance, role of cooperatives, etc., form part of the economic investigation work.

Preparation of TEFRs

The data collected during the investigation are analyzed for the preparation of TEFRs involving the following activities in respect of fishery harbours, coastal aquaculture farms and hatchery projects which further include:

  1. Preparation of topographic and hydrographic survey maps adopting rectangular grid coordinates;
  2. Computation of tide levels at site by harmonic tidal analysis and by correlating the water levels at site with that standard tide levels of nearest standard port;
  3. Computation of tidal prism and designing stable tidal entrance;
  4. Using meteorological data such as winds, cyclones etc., hindcasting deep water wave characteristics, making refraction studies and shallow water wave height computations to determine the wave climate near the site;
  5. Computing design wave and design of breakwaters;
  6. Layout planning of the fishery harbour after desk studies;
  7. Preparing the detailed designs of precast piled jetties, quays, bored piles, sheet piles diaphragm walls, gravity walls etc;
  8. Layout planning of coastal aquaculture farms/hatcheries and design of civil structures such as bunds, channels, inlet and outlet structures, pumps, pump houses etc;
  9. Determining the design fleet size and proposing suitable types of fishing vessels and fishing methods;
  10. Working out economics of a fishing vessel and coastal aquaculture farms/hatcheries to ascertain the feasibility and viability;
  11. Estimating the capacity of shore establishments and conducting market survey;
  12. Estimating the various components of cash inflow and cash outflow and work out the internal rate of return (IRR); and
  13. Conducting sensitivity analysis
  14. Construction plan and consultancy

    The Institute has expertise in preparation of detailed engineering construction drawings for the preparation of tender documents and also to act as Project Management Consultants and monitor the works in progress and solve the design and construction problems, if any.